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eZee FrontDesk - Hotel Management Software

An innovatory property management system, eZee FrontDesk helps hotels and hotel chains to run their business operations conveniently and productively. Devised and developed with latest technology, this PMS satisfies the international hospitality norms regardless of the type and size of your property.

혁신적인  Hospitality 관리 시스템 인 eZee FrontDesk은 호텔 및 호텔 체인 비즈니스 운영을 편리하고 생산적으로 운영 할 수 있도록 지원합니다. 최신 기술로 개발 된 PMS는 귀하의 재산 유형 및 규모에 상관없이 국제적인 Hospitality PMS기준을 충족시킵니다

Carrying a user-friendly user interface, the software brings together every single aspect of property management under a single interface and overcome the frontdesk task hassles. Despite being an extremely powerful and foolproof property management software that combines extraordinary features, it does not burn a hole in your pocket and carries a surprisingly non-premium price tag.

사용자 친화적 인 사용자 인터페이스를 제공하는 eZee 소프트웨어는 단일 인터페이스로 자산 관리의 모든면을 통합하고 프론트 데스크의 번거 로운 작업을 극복합니다. 특별한 기능을 결합되어 매우 강력하고 절대 안전한 PMS소프트웨어 임에도 불구하고, 높지않은 비용으로 놀라운 프리미엄 가격을 제안드립니다.


Whether it is front-desk and reservation module, or the housekeeping one, the travel desk, or the back-office interface; every component of eZee FrontDesk has been built and designed keeping in mind the rigorous terms of property management. eZee FrontDesk has been widely recognized as a software that meets the requirements of even the most demanding of international properties.